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(SATAA) the South African home of Transactional Analysis

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The SATAA is a non-profit membership organisation that promotes the exploration of Transactional Analysis theory and application.

We offer valuable events, content and resources that speak to the four fields of TA (psychotherapy, counselling, education and organisational). Find out more about SATAA and TA

SATAA offers regular events that bring international and local TA thought leaders into engaging discussions as well as communities of practice that offer peers, at all levels of experience, a platform to connect and share insights and experience.

SATAA produces a quarterly newsletter that highlights local and international TA news, events and resources. Sign up to the newsletter is open to all who are interested at no cost.

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Members benefit from free access to all SATAA events and partner organisation events as well as discounts for selected training featured through SATAA. Find out more about SATAA membership.