Dec 052016

In November, we hosted our first webinar. Initially intended to be for our SA community. We ended up having participants from South Africa, India and Romania, which was wonderful! And there is more: we will host a monthly webinar in 2017, with trainers from different corners of the world.

Evelyne Papaux presented the first of the series of webinars that will be held monthly, picking up again from Feb 2017. If you missed it, find the video here.

There has been much interest from overseas TA trainers to be part of this initiative. It will be part of the SATAA membership benefits (free for members) and non-members will pay a fee of USD 7.

International TA trainers who have committed to this project include:
Gloria Noriega (Mexico), Giles Barrow (UK), Rosemary Napper (UK), Tony White (Australia), Lieuwe Koopmans (Netherlands), Tomoko Abe (Japan), Deepak Dhananjaya (India), Keith Tudor (New Zealand), Suriya Prakash (India), Sandra Wilson (UK), Anna Chandy (India), Chitra Ravi (India)

The trainers are spread across the 4 fields – organisations, education, psychotherapy and counselling. We are in for a feast of international learning!

The dates that are confirmed so far (Times are GMT+2)

  • Monday 13th Feb 6pm -8pm: Gloria Noriega (Mexico), TSTA (P), Topic: Transgenerational Scripts
  • Monday 13th March  12pm-2pm: Giles Barrow (UK), TSTA (E), Topic tbc
  • Monday 24th April 8am – 10am: Chitra Ravi ( India) TSTA (P), Topic tbc
  • Monday 12th Jun 10am – 12pm: Diane Salters (SA) TSTA (P), Topic: Cultural scripts
  • Monday  17th July 10am – 12pm: Keith Tudor (New Zealand) TSTA (P), Topic: Cocreative TA
  • Monday 13th Nov  10am -12 pm: Rosemary Napper (UK) TSTA (O E C), Topic: tbc

We will let you know the full programme as the other trainers choose their dates. All dates are on a Monday (once a month from Feb to Nov) and will be at different 2 hour slots each time so as to accommodate time zone differences.

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