Oct 162015

We are very excited to announce that in 2016, a group of South Africans have the opportunity to become accredited TIFF practitioners.

What is TIFF?
It is the Temple Index of Functional Fluency. The Functional Fluency model of human social behaviour for mapping behavioural patterns, has been researched and created by Susannah Temple. It is positioned within the body of Transactional Analysis. Susannah won the 2014 Eric Berne Memorial Award for her work in developing this tool.

Practitioners already working as coaches, facilitators, consultants, counsellors or educators are trained in understanding and administering the TIFF Questionnaire. They are trained to give feedback and to provide further ongoing personal/professional developmental support.

“Functional Fluency is the art and skill of interpersonal effectiveness. The TIFF Questionnaire completion produces a profile of someone’s behaviour patterns socially –a sort of snapshot of the ways that the person uses their energy in relationships. It shows how somebody balances energy used on his or her own behalf, as well as on behalf of others, and on keeping ‘with-it’ and in touch with current reality. It is useful as a tool for increasing self-awareness and understanding, therefore enhancing emotional literacy and interpersonal effectiveness”  – Temple

Doing this training in Europe will cost approx. R 40,000 just for the training – we will be able to do it at a very reduced cost, as the trainer, Lieuwe Koopmans (an org PTSTA) is willing to offer it if his flights and accommodation are covered.

More information will follow… if you are interested in this opportunity, get in touch with us! chairperson@sataa.org.za

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