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Cultural Scripts with Di Salters

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Jun 172017

Diane explores some of the TA tools that can be useful in exploring and working with diversity; in particular Pearl Drego’s work on the Cultural Parent and various approaches to Cultural Scripting.

Gain an understanding of the concepts of Cultural Parent and Cultural Scripting, together with some experience of reflecting how cultural patterns have impacted their own lives. Participants discuss how they might apply this learning to their professional context.

Understanding Impasses with Chitra Ravi

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Jun 012017

“Understanding Impasses” with Chitra Ravi

Based on the work of the Gouldings and Ken Mellor, the webinar will explore and create an understanding of impasses. The webinar provides a space for participants to identify “stuckness” in their current situation and explore early influences which may have contributed to it.

Chitra Ravi has a Masters Degree in Psychology and is a Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy). She has been in the field of psychotherapy for over 15 years.  She is the founder of Seed TLC at Bangalore, India which provides psychotherapy services, foundation and advanced Transactional Analysis training courses for psychotherapists.

Giles Barrow- Cultivating Clients

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Mar 142017

The webinar introduces participants to the idea of cultivation and its implications for practice.

The session is aimed at anyone who works with others in support of growth and learning. This might include coaches, educators and counsellors.

Participants will walk away with:

– an understanding of cultivation as a way of framing professional practice;
– an introduction to levels of competency through the work of Howells, (1982), Clarkson(1994),  and Barrow, (2011);
– integration of TA concepts of accounting and discounting with levels of competency and the role of the practitioner

Facilitator: Giles Barrow is a teacher, trainer, educator with experience in schools, adult and community education and TA training and supervision. He has written numerous articles and books on educational themes including relational aspects of teaching and learning, school culture and leadership, adolescence, script and learning and educational theory and philosophy. In addition to and combined with his professional educational work, Giles also runs a small farm in rural Suffolk, which is the base for teaching and learning amongst children, young people and adults.

Gloria Noriega- Transgenerational Scripts: The Unknown Knowledge

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Feb 142017

“The Unknown Knowledge”. To develop consciousness about the transgenerational family script. This webinar is available to all the people interested in discovering their transgenerational script, reinforcing their positive family scripts and gaining clues for changing their negative family scripts.

Gloria is Director at the Instituto Mexicano de Analisis Transaccional. She was awarded the Eric Berne Memorial Award in 2008 in the category of New Theory for her work on the Mechanisms for transmitting transgenerational scripts.

Alex van Oostveen

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Feb 072017

Hi there, I am Alex!

I spent my first 20 professional years as a pilot instructor in the South African Air Force (SAAF). I have flown over 3500 hours in a range of helicopters and training aircraft, amassing over 1000 hours of flying instruction. It was a privilege to fly numerous rescue missions, humanitarian work, aerial fire-fighting and security work inside and outside South Africa. My most noteworthy flight was with ex-president Nelson Mandela and having the honour of shaking hands with him! Additionally, a career highlight was the 4 years flying in the SAAF formation aerobatic team as both the number 3 and lead pilot.

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Celebrating Karen Pratt as a TSTA

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Dec 062016

It is always wonderful to see when a local TA person achieves the next level within the Transactional Analysts’ community – we are so happy for our SATAA chairperson Karen Pratt who passed her TSTA (E)! Well done Karen – from doing your TA 101 in 2001 to our CTA in 2008, then doing a Training Endorsement workshop and another 7 year contract for TSTA. What a journey!

Karen, it is wonderful to have you here in South Africa as a TSTA, and we know there are many people benefiting from the range of workshops you are offering, from your coaching, and your supervision.

karen-2     karen1

Exciting new webinar project in 2017 and 2018

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Dec 052016

In November, we hosted our first webinar. Initially intended to be for our SA community. We ended up having participants from South Africa, India and Romania, which was wonderful! And there is more: we will host a monthly webinar in 2017, with trainers from different corners of the world.

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Update on the CoachActivism Project

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Dec 052016

In July this year, Karen Pratt gave us an outlook of her involvement in the Coach Activism Project – a response to the refugee crisis in Europe – which was about to start at that time. She has been involved for a couple of months now and is sharing her experience and insights with us.

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SATAA in 2016 – an overview

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Dec 052016

It has been an interesting year for us at at the SATAA, from hosting events, publishing articles, co-hosting the TIFF qualification to organising our first webinar. Here is what we have been up to, and what has been happening in our community. If we have missed anything, let us know!
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