• Transactional Analysis transforms community care workers in RSA

    South Africa’s HIV/AIDS pandemic is considered to be the largest in the world, with more than 5 million South Africans living with the disease. (Du Plessis, Bean, Schoeman, & Botha, 2011) In the early 2000s, the unprecedented rise of this disease was placing a heavy burden on South Africa’s already limited health resources, and as […]

  • Sandplay and Family constellation

    This article examines how the author uses Sandplay and Family Constellation approaches to enable clients to access non verbal and preconscious material easily and creatively. It offers a brief account of the development and principles of Sandplay and Family Constellation and how the author uses these in practice and how she understand the process in […]

  • Transactional Analysis and Spiral Dynamics

    The author suggests that in the face of the current global crises that threaten the human species, transactional analysts need to assess their theoretical tools for understanding social development and their ability to contribute usefully to social change. She offers that Transactional Analysis cannot claim to be a social psychology in the fullest sense and […]

  • Comparative Script System

    The article presents the Comparative Script System – a chart which synthesises the major theories in T A: Classical School and the racket system; Redecision School and Cathexis School. It offers a tool which presents all of these within a systemic framework. The Comparative Script System (CSS) provides an overview of how these theories overlap […]

  • Trauma and Recovery Training

    Joanna Beazley Richards in South Africa Trauma and Recovery Training In February Joanna Beazley Richards, accompanied by her husband John, visited South Africa and offered several workshops on trauma and recovery. Joanna, a specialist in this field shared with participants her own way of working with trauma and her understanding of it in TA terms. […]

  • Appreciative Inquiry